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There is a famous Chinese saying: 读万卷书,行万里路 (translated as "To read ten thousand books, to travel ten thousand miles." We wish bringing you along with us enjoying the journey.

Day 1: April 2, 2005.

Two goals here:

1. To stay connected with new and old friends through sharing photos. Friend Circle will be updated regularly. Please visit Year 2005, Year 2006, Year 2007, Year 2008, Year 2009, Year 2010, Year 2011.

By the way, I recently found a great way to stay connected through LinkedIn - A MySpace for Professionals".

2. To share our learning experience of photography by providing some pointers on bargain hunting, nice shooting seasons and locations, etc.

About my new interests or toys: Where to buy a Nintendo Wii console without paying extra.

Latest photo album: 2008 Wild Flower Part I, Infrared Sequoia National Park 2008.

Cambodia Angkor Wat Trip (柬埔寨吳哥窟自助行).

My new experiments: HDR, Panoramics, Infrarad.

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